How Simple Measures Could Save One Million Babies A Year

Around the world, health care isn’t readily available to pregnant women. In low-income countries, premature babies without food or access to incubators are dying. While access to resources is crucial in maintaining the health of the infant and mother, in cases when these resources are not accessible, surviving becomes a task leading to inevitable deaths. Ensuring that babies receive proper care, nutrition, and medical attention can significantly improve their chances of survival.

The rising incidence of babies with premature or stillbirth has also raised alarm. According to researchers 160 million live births from 2000 to 2020 to work out how often babies are born “too soon and too small.” Ever since then, they were classified under the new term called “small vulnerable newborns.”

“Quite shockingly, we found that this is much more common once you start to think about it in a more nuanced way.” 

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How Babies Can Be Saved With Care?

Ensuring that the mother receives proper prenatal care is also crucial to a baby’s survival. Regular visits to the doctor and proper nutrition can help prevent many complications that can arise during pregnancy. Meanwhile, babies can be saved by ensuring that they are delivered safely. Proper delivery techniques can reduce the risk of complications that can lead to death.

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According to a series of publications published in The Lancet journal, eight tried-and-true and simple treatments could avoid more than 565,000 stillbirths in these nations.

In addition to delivering micronutrients, protein, and energy supplements, low-dose aspirin, progesterone, and information on the negative effects of smoking, the measures also included malaria, syphilis, and bacteria in urine treatments.

Meanwhile, more than 475,000 newborn newborns may be saved if pregnant women were given access to steroids and doctors delayed clamping the umbilical cord, according to the study.

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