Since its launch, Apple’s newest product, the Apple Vision Pro, has been making headlines. For those not aware of its existence, the AVP is a mixed reality headset with the promise of transforming your space with apps, entertainment and much more. The AVP comes with a hefty price tag of $3,499, or roughly PKR 10 Lacs for the most basic model!

However, is the device really worth the hype and money, or is it just a broken dream (quite literally) for the users? Let’s have a look at the recent developments revolving around the AVP Headset.

Stepping Into The Future

With the introduction of its Apple Vision Pro reality headsets, Apple took a big step towards revolutionizing how we interact with the outside world by entering the Augmented Reality space. Even with the ludicrous price point, Apple has had no issue in justifying their device to the market. Having years of experience, the company has cemented its reputation for their style, optimization and innovation, making the AVP a highly anticipated and potentially groundbreaking addition to their product lineup. But the people feel that they have been swindled by the tech giant with the release of their latest device.

Cracked Vision Pro Headset
Image Source: Reddit

Shattered Reality

One of the most common complaints from AVP users is that their headsets developed a hairline crack down the middle of the front cover glass, despite the devices never being dropped or mishandled. However, the media has yet to cover this news; instead, users from Reddit were the first to report the issue.

Reddit users began sharing pictures and accounts of their broken AVP’s as soon as word of the vulnerability leaked out. While some customers reported that they discovered the break in the morning after placing the device in its case at night, others stated that the fracture happened when they left the device charging with the front cover on.

The problem has not yet been formally acknowledged or addressed by Apple, and the repairs are reportedly quite expensive. The deductible for a cover glass repair under AppleCare+ is $300, and if you are one of the unlucky people who never subscribed to AppleCare+, the repair alone will cost you $800. In the event of a complete replacement of the device, AppleCare+ will not cover it.

Reddit user inpehnite had this to say regarding the incident with their AVP device:

Like a few others, I just discovered a long crack in the front glass of my Vision Pro. It’s been sitting neatly in the Apple travel-case, and it’s been subject to very light use a couple of hours a day – I haven’t dropped it or similar, which should also be pretty evident from the rest of the glass being completely scratch and dent free.

Reddit User Apple Vision Pro Headset
Image Source: u/inphenite

Even though numerous reviewers subjected the device to an extensive durability test, it seems unlikely that mishandling of the device is the reason for the crack. This is further evident after watching Mr. Sam Kohl‘s video on the device, where he performs drop and bump tests numerous times, only to find the glass in pristine condition without a scratch.

The Future Of The Vision Pro

The Vision Pro is undoubtedly a groundbreaking and innovative product that showcases Apple’s vision and ambition for the future. The Vision Pro is still in its early launch stages, and it may take years before it becomes mainstream and affordable. Apple may also release newer and improved versions of the device in the future, which may address some of the current problems and limitations.

One thing’s for sure, the AVP is not for everyone, and it may not be for Pakistan either. However, it’s still fascinating to see what it can offer and a glimpse into the possibilities of mixed reality.

Stay tuned for more tech updates like these; this is your soon-to-be favorite friendly neighborhood techie Zayaan, Signing Off!