House of Oud was founded with a vision of bringing two worlds together, the East and the West. In collaboration with a Bahraini Perfume House – Junaid Perfumes, House of Oud has been created to deliver products that speak to you.

As perfumers, we have always been fascinated by the art of blending aromas and creating unique stories of our own. We draw inspiration by collecting memorabilia that has lived through different ages. We leave no stone unturned in our efforts to select only the finest perfume ingredients and raw materials from around the world to create fragrances that make you dream.

Who are Junaid Perfumes?

Junaid Perfumes is a Bahraini Perfume House with over a century of experience in the field. With over 100 outlets in the GCC, Junaid Perfumes has entered numerous international markets in the past, and has provided them some of their fan favorites such as Oud Junaid, Taariikh Gold, Moattar Dhahab, Hajar, Nazeeh, Thulooj, Futaina, and many others. Through this new collaboration, House of Oud is a means of delivering the products you love to your doorstep.

As the world shrinks into a global village, the demand for our perfumes – specifically by the millions of Pakistanis that live and travel between the GCC and abroad – has inspired us to revive our presence in the country.

Our Perfumes

After carefully selecting the most sought out perfumes for Pakistan, we are launching fifty and more of our finest perfumes for you. Amongst these popular fragrances are some of our fan favorites that you may have come across, like Hajar, Futaina, Nazeeh, Sakura, Solitaire, Banafsaj, Thulooj, and Tabahy; as well as others. These products are known to go well with all seasons, ages and genders. The Musk Collection is a treat for the senses, and our flagship product ‘Oud Junaid’, has a class unparalleled by all others.

How to Order?

To make your order problem-free and safe, we are introducing our online store for Pakistan,

Visit our website, order your favorite fragrances, and have them delivered to your doorstep for FREE within 1-3 working days.