P&G is committed to the cause of gender parity and continues to broaden economic opportunities for women in a sustainable and transformative manner. Recently, they announced the extension of their cooperation with long-term partner HOPE for $100,000, to reach out to more women in marginalized communities to ensure that women and girls have equitable access and opportunity. The main aim is to motivate change within the community for a promising future. This all stems from their promise for a world free from gender bias, with equal voice and equal representation for all individuals. A world where everyone sees equal.

According to the ‘Global Gender Gap Report 2021’ published by the World Economic Forum (WEF), Pakistan ranks 153rd out of 156 countries on the gender parity index and the overall literacy rate amongst girls in the country is only 47%. Another alarming fact in Pakistan is that only one percent of entrepreneurs are women. And that is because, women business owners face a myriad of challenges, ranging from legal barriers that prevent them from establishing a business, to lack of access to loans and financial know-how.

Strengthening the economic role of women is critical to reducing poverty, improving health and education outcomes for their future generations. This program came into being to support this kind of empowerment. With the setup of 7 vocational training centers, many women and girls in areas such as Badin, Sujawal, Thatta, Gadap, Ghagger, Muzaffargarh and soon Muzzaffarabad, learn skills that provide them with a chance to have a brighter future.

One such example of an empowered woman, coming out of this initiative, is Hakima Baloch. After suffering from a major tragedy in life when her husband passed away, she was paralyzed with acute financial crisis. ‘HOPE’ turned out to be a savior and taught her the ‘art of fishing’ – that is stitching – so that she can become independent and provide a livelihood for her family. As of now, Hakima leads a respectable and happy life by earning for herself. Not just that, she also bears the expenses of her children’s schooling.

Hakima Baloch isn’t the only success story. Over the last three years, P&G in collaboration with HOPE has trained 11,695+ women through 6 vocational training centers and provision of quality secondary education to women and girls in semi-urban and rural areas of the country.

#HopeforPakistan remains steadfast in its approach in making a positive impact by promoting equal representation and opportunities for all individuals. It takes a gigantic leap forward in spreading this initiative with established firms to make them utilize their resources to the fullest for those who need HELP.

Women constitute approximately half of the population in Pakistan. Giving Economic opportunities to women is undoubtedly a crucial step in achieving female empowerment in Pakistan. #HopeforPakistan is another step forward towards the fulfillment of the company’s aspiration to build a world with equal representation and an equal voice for women, at the workplace, in the communities, and in the country.