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Honda Motor, one of Japan’s leading automakers, has recently announced its ambitious plan to dive into the realm of electric vehicles (EVs), unveiling the “Honda 0 Series” and two intriguing concept models at the renowned CES trade show in Las Vegas. This strategic move aims to propel Honda into the forefront of the EV market, marking a significant shift toward battery-powered cars.

Despite being a prominent player in the automotive industry, Honda has been relatively slow in the uptake of EV sales compared to its global counterparts. The company found itself trailing behind European and U.S. rivals such as General Motors and Volkswagen, while contending with the emergence of formidable challengers like China’s BYD.

The “Honda 0 Series”

The “Honda 0 Series” is slated to make its initial debut with the first models set to hit the markets by 2026, a notable revelation shared by Honda executives during a media briefing held in Tokyo last December. With a clear vision of having all-new car sales dominated by battery-powered and fuel-cell vehicles by 2040, Honda is steering its focus toward an electric future.

Honda announces a new line of electric cars, the Honda 0 | CNN Business
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However, specific details about the “Honda 0 Series” remain under wraps, leaving enthusiasts and industry watchers eagerly awaiting more insights. The executives refrained from disclosing key aspects such as pricing, the number of models within the series, and the sales targets for these vehicles.

Honda’s Current EV Sales

Despite the relatively sluggish EV sales, constituting less than 0.5% of Honda’s global sales in 2023, the company is determined to make a sweeping transformation. Notably, Honda’s EV sales were predominantly concentrated in China, accounting for around 93%, while North America witnessed no sales of battery-powered vehicles from the automaker during this period.

Looking ahead, Honda has set a bold objective to manufacture two million EVs annually by 2030 and plans to introduce a staggering lineup of 30 battery-powered models by the same year, illustrating the company’s commitment to embracing a more sustainable automotive future.

The Saloon and Space-Hub

Moreover, Honda’s potential venture into Canada for constructing an approximately 2 trillion yen ($13.9 billion) electric vehicle plant has sparked interest and discussions, with Honda CEO Toshihiro Mibe hinting at the possibility during his remarks at the CES trade show in Las Vegas.

Honda reveals plans for new EV sportscar | Contechs
Source: Contechs

Among the captivating revelations at the CES were the two concept models – the Saloon, a sedan designed to accommodate four or five passengers, and the Space-Hub, a van-like vehicle intended for six or seven occupants. These innovative designs offer a glimpse into Honda’s visionary approach to future mobility.

Furthermore, Honda teased an upgraded logo for its new EV series, showcasing a more dynamic and sleeker design than its predecessor, signaling the company’s commitment to modernization and innovation in its electric vehicle lineup.

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