Hira Mani Responds to Rs 400 Mithai Named After Her: "What is This Behavior?"

Pakistani actress Hira Mani recently took to social media to express her surprise and disbelief after discovering a sweet dish named after her at a local mithai shop. The actress shared a screenshot of the post on her Instagram story, captioning it as “What is this behavior?”

The post in question featured a photo of a traditional Pakistani sweet dish, priced at Rs 400, with the name “Hira Mani” boldly written above it. Hira Mani was taken aback by the use of her name without her consent or knowledge. She questioned the shop’s behaviour, wondering why they would use her name to sell their product without her permission.

Hira Mani’s fans and followers were quick to respond, showing their support and agreeing that the shop’s actions were inappropriate. Many pointed out that using someone’s name without their consent could be considered a form of exploitation and disrespect.

This incident raises questions about the use of celebrity names and images for commercial purposes without their consent. While it may seem like a harmless gesture, it is essential to respect individuals’ rights to their names and images.

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