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Apart from Sarah Khan and Falak Shabir being the talk of the town, newly-wed couple Hina Altaf and Agha Ali have been making the headlines. Hina and Agha have been keeping their fans hooked to their social media accounts with their lovey-dovey moments!

The two got married in May this year, and the news did come out to be quite surprising for many. Their journey started with rumors about their relationship, which they denied and kept discreet.

However, the two finally revealed the big news on the day of their nikkah, and their fans were nothing but happy. During the lockdown, plenty of celebrities tied the knot, and it’s incredible to see how many celebrities have decided to settle down in life with their partners.

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Hina Altaf Reveals All The Adorable Qualities Of Agha Ali

In a recent interview with Nida Yasir, Hina described some adorable qualities of Agha Ali and all that he does. It’s certainly not what you’re expecting, but we must say, Agha Ali, is multi-talented! Yes, the qualities Hina had mentioned were adorable!

Hina said,

Agha puts oil in my hair and even blow dried my hair last night. He also knows how to do my makeup and I often ask him to do my make up for videos.”

To which Agha Ali said,

I am not as good as a makeup artist but just a bit. Hina face looks good with minimal makeup.

Hina further said,

Once, he also straightened my hair.

Here’s the video. How cute is this!

Moreover, the two were further asked what they love calling each other and their responses were utterly cute!

Hina said that she loves calling Agha, “jaan” but Agha does not approve of it especially when they’re out in the public.

Here’s the video:

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