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Twitter and, well, social media, in general, exploded with a few words, Gamestop, wall street, hedge funds, and wallstreetbet, the Reddit forum for stock talk. It was sudden and kind of unrelated to our region, but whatever happens in the US, we like to stay informed of it, don’t we. But if you are still having the below-mentioned reaction to the GameStop references, let me give you an overview of it.

Drama Context

GameStop was a regular shop for toys and consoles. Hedge funds apparently decided to sell it short. That means that you are intentionally making the company lose stock value. However, millennials got together on Reddit and decided to up it for GameStop. So they started buying it. When demand rose, so did Game Stop’s value.

The change became so noticeable that none other than Elon Musk also tweeted about it.

Why is this scenario tweetable by someone belonging to the Bloomberg Billionaire Index?

Because the Reddit millennials had basically made a fool our of hedge funds people, some even said that this was a payback for the 2008 financial crisis.

And you know when millennials are involved, they need to troll whoever they are up against. So right on time, toll memes about GameStop and against the hedge funds started appearing.

The Twitter Reactions

Considering its stock value, the brand is being named in the Fortune 500. Well, the rest of the fortuned 500 have occupied their place for quite some time. So the addition of GameStop amidst the old fortune 500s looks, according to some, like this:

Some chose to show where Hedge Funds and Reddit-ers would stand they starring in ‘Trading Places’.

This Simpson visual is the best suited for the current drama. Because let’s be honest, Twitter is only having fun with the drama between billion-dollar hedge funds and GameStop. This reminds us, Robinhood, the commission-free investing company, restricted the trading of GameStop shares.

Overall, this meme story just won the day!

This is no Danish versus Shahveer stock drama from Mere Paas Tum Ho, but the memes are hilarious that you would literally be laughing out loud.

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