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Pablo Rochat just released a Netflix Password and pasted it on a tree. And people are amazed at this intelligent prank.

Even after numerous streaming platforms popping up left and right, big names like Amazon Prime, Netflix following has not shown any inclination of decreasing anytime soon. After all, we watch our beloved dramas and TV series on Netflix. What we all love is Netflix giving everyone their favorite content, be it Korean dramas, Turkish Films, or American TV series.

If someone gave you a password, although it is a bit difficult, would you use it? Of course, you would! Please don’t deny it!

Well, read on to see what happens in real life when someone offers a free Netflix account password.

Pablo Rochat, the Prankster

Most of you probably never heard of the legendary art director Pablo Rochat. No worries, we can tell you, albeit a bit briefly. He is a prankster who played with the hopes of many by attaching a real long wifi password for ‘free’ on a telephone pole. So evil, am I right? Or is it? I mean, people keep asking for free wifi, and he is, technically, giving it.

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Let my neighbors use my wifi

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The Netflix Prank

We didn’t see more of him in the mainstream media but guess what, he just made a comeback! On September 13, he posted a similar prank, but for a Netflix account, the password was abnormally long and twisted, ‘literally twisted.’

It was hilarious, and as we can see from the reactions online, most people loved this one as well. Some brave, brave people asked what was festering in all of our minds, ‘Does the password work?/Is the password valid?’. Those people even went on to say that if someone confirms it, they should send it to them. I mean, SAME.

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Good luck 🙂

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Did you like this prank or not? I mean, we know that we feel played with. A chance at a free Netflix account is like a dream come true. And some of us, we can’t dream of Netflix accounts and have to make do with YouTube. Youtube is great, but mostly doesn’t have the kind of content we want.

So anyway, if we had to rate this prank, this would be a 7/10. It was funny, but he did do almost the same thing before.

Let’s wait and see what new prank he comes up with because while a little upsetting; they are a bit fun.

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