On 23rd March, lockdown all over Sindh was imposed to curb the spread of coronavirus outbreak which has majorly impacted the economy. Due to this, many businesses ended up shutting down completely and some, temporarily shutting down as per the new policies.

Moreover, COVID-19 has greatly impacted the food industry as dine-in and food delivery services were disabled. As a result of this, many lives were upended especially for the daily wagers who make ends meet for their families by working every day.

But to help them out and make their lives easier, many organizations including foodpanda have taken drastic measures in order to curb this situation in extremely smart ways. Pakistan’s largest food delivery platform, foodpanda, has come up with cohesive strategies to ensure their heroes’ health, safety, and financial well-being as per the SOP’s given by the government.

Here are all the great measures that foodpanda has been taking!

foodpanda has been helping its own heroes in numerous appreciable ways that you’ll be surprised!

foodpanda started off from distributing ration bags to weekly shifts of monetary support to ensure the livelihood of delivery heroes is unaffected and help them keep afloat. Adding on to this, the first shift of monetary support was given in March, followed by three weeks of financial support at the start of April.

Company-funded Insurance In Collaboration With TPL Insurance

foodpanda has its delivery heroes covered in case any one of them is tested positive for COVID-19. They will be entitled to paid leave, and this is part of their newly launched ‘two weeks earning support programme’ under the company funded insurance in collaboration with TPL Insurance.

Adding on to this, the collaboration also takes full responsibility for accidental coverage expenses. After the first shift of payments in March, many delivery heroes expressed their gratitude

Keeping in mind the SOPs given by the government, foodpanda has been taking strict measures to ensure the safety of their heroes and customers, and here’s how:

1. Daily temperature checks at rider hubs which have to be updated by the riders on their online portal before starting off their day

2. Infographics installed at rider hubs creating awareness on how to contain the pandemic

3. Daily reminders via riders app to heroes prompting them to adhere to safety measures during COVID-19

4. Distribution of face masks, gloves and hand sanitizers to heroes is a regular practice incorporated by the foodpanda team

5. foodpanda is also ensuring contactless delivery for minimal contact between the customers and heroes

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