Here's Why You're Google App Keeps Crashing
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Google apps are crashing for users all over the world. The Google app specifically crashes immediately whenever it is opened. According to the users, the issue has surfaced after updating the app to its latest version, Many android users, including Samsung, Sony, Huawei Mate 20 Pro, and more, are facing the same.

Moreover, users on Reddit also reported that the device is stuck in a loop due to the crash. According to some users, Google Assistant and Google Lens apps are also not working. Let’s take a look at more details on the Google app crash and how to fix it.

Google App Crash On Android Devices

The software app crashing made people tweet about the issue on social media channels. However, Google was quick to respond.

How To Fix The Issue?

According to Google, specific steps can be taken to overcome the problem. However, a more appropriate approach is for google to launch an updated version which is in work.

Some users mentioned the technique worked for them. However, not for everyone, and since it might take some time for Google to patch up the faulty version, not updating your app would be the better option.

How Can You Stop The Update?

Fortunately, there is a way to fix this until Google rolls out an update patch. You can go to the Apps section in the device Settings and search for Google. Next, tap on the stop, disable, or Force Stop. This is a temporary fix, and users are advised not to update to the version until Google officially fixes this issue.

Google App
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You can also try uninstalling the Google app update by heading to Settings > Apps > Google app > three-dot menu > Uninstall updates. 

This will prevent your android from installing the latest version until Google comes with a new updated version.

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