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TikTok is an absolute gold mine when it comes to makeup and skincare hacks. Many of these hacks involve viral products TikTok users tried and loved. The best part about this treasure trove of discoveries is that they require very little effort on your part. Whether that’s a lip-plumping gloss here or a DIY scrub there, these clever little tricks are easy and most importantly, don’t cost a fortune.

However, not all hacks are created equal and definitely, not all hacks are worth trying. A similar hack is also going viral on social media and endorsed by the non-other than ‘The party girl’ Dananeer. While her fans might be in awe of how genius and easy this DIY hack looks. Let us share all the reasons why this can be extremely dangerous for your lips.

Lip Plumping Hack

The quest for fuller thicker lips has led people to try all sorts of products on their lips. From sucking on water bottles to overlining them to make them look full – there are billions of hacks available online. However, seeing people use the chilli paste on their lips has left us dreading the consequences.

The Pakistani Ken Doll also shared a couple of reasons why this hack is not worth it.

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The concoction is a mixture of vaseline, cinnamon powder and chilli powder. While vaseline and cinnamon don’t pose any undesirable effects – the same can not be said about chilli powder. The chilli powder irritates resulting in increased blood flow towards the surface. The blood flow gives the appearance of thicker-looking lips with a mild tingling sensation.

Meanwhile, the same desirable effects can take a turn for the worst if someone starts getting an allergic reaction. In such instances, there can be excessive swelling on the lips, formation of blisters, irritation and burning sensation.

While this hack might be appropriate for people with a high tolerance for spicy foods. It is extremely dangerous and the consequences can be grave.

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