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The Pixel Watch was highly anticipated by Google fans, but since its release, users have been experiencing issues with one of the most basic functions of a smartwatch – the alarm clock. According to recent reports, Pixel Watch users are complaining about the device failing to wake them up on time, which has caused a great deal of frustration for many.

So, why are Pixel Watch users experiencing these issues with their alarms? The problem seems to stem from the device’s software, which may not be fully optimized for the alarm function. Some users have reported that the alarm will go off, but it is not loud enough to wake them up, while others have found that the alarm simply fails to go off at all.

Google's Pixel Watch delivers nice hardware, but fails to answer the 'why' | TechCrunch
Source: TechCrunch

How have Pixel users been tackling the issue?

As a result of these issues, some users have had to resort to using their smartphones as backup alarms, defeating the purpose of owning a smartwatch. Others have reported being late for work or missing important appointments due to the unreliable alarm function of the Pixel Watch.

Google has acknowledged the issue and has stated that they are working on a fix for the problem. However, for those who rely on their smartwatch as their primary alarm clock, this is a frustrating issue that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.

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In the meantime, there are a few workarounds that Pixel Watch users can try. Some users have found that setting multiple alarms or using third-party alarm clock apps can help to alleviate the problem. Additionally, making sure that the device’s volume is turned up and that it is properly charged before going to bed may also help to ensure that the alarm function works as intended.

Despite the alarm issue, the Pixel Watch is still a popular choice for those in the market for a smartwatch. Its sleek design and intuitive interface make it an attractive option, and its integration with Google Assistant and other Google services make it a powerful tool for staying connected and organized.

However, the alarm issue is a reminder that even the most advanced technology can have its flaws. It’s important to keep in mind that no device is perfect, and that sometimes we may need to rely on tried and true methods like traditional alarm clocks or our smartphones as backup options.

While the Pixel Watch is a great device in many ways, the alarm function issues are a cause for concern for many users. Google’s efforts to address the issue are appreciated, but until a permanent solution is found, users may need to find workarounds or use alternative devices to ensure that they are waking up on time.

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