While the ban on imported products has caused a nationwide frenzy, a very well-known brand in Pakistan is doing things that don’t make sense. Capstan, a renowned local cigarette brand made in Pakistan, is under fire for claiming to have been produced in the USA.

Ban Capstan

People are boycotting Capstan in an attempt to raise voices regarding the hypocrisy of the brand. The local brand, which is thought to be manufactured in Pakistan, has written ‘Made In The USA’ over it, claiming that the production of the cigarette brand takes place in America. As a result, the locals have raised the issue in an attempt to boycott the product.

People have taken to social media to share the hashtag #CapstanNaManzoor #Bancapstan. Meanwhile, a protest in Sukkur, Sindh by the locals was held in front of the Sukkar Press Club.

Here’s Why Locals Want A Ban On Capstan

According to the protestors, the box label says, ‘Made in the USA’. Meanwhile, it is made in Pakistan. The issue created quite a stir among the users as they questioned the brand’s move. The protestors demanded an immediate ban on the cigarette brand.

Image source: Instagram.com
Image source: Instagram.com

Meanwhile, the protest got coverage on all the major social media platforms. The protestors shared their views regarding the situation at hand, claiming that Pakistan doesn’t lack anything when it comes to resources. Still, unfortunately, the brands don’t think twice before claiming the product is imported even though the production takes place locally.

The protestors, on one occasion, burned the boxes of Capstan while screaming Ban Capstan at the top of their lungs. They also pleaded with the public to start using locally made products instead of imported ones.

Twitter Reacts 

Twitter users took to the platform to share their views as well as to raise their voices regarding the ongoing controversy. Take a look at some of the reactions below.

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