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‘Pantene Hum Bridal Couture Week’ is always a sight for sore eyes and its 19th edition was no different. This year’s #PHBCW took place in the Mughal City of Gardens and it fit the vibe better than any campaign we have seen so far. Combine drama, glamour, exquisite luxury, and wearable art and you have the Pakistan Bridal Fashion scene.

The Hair Show Giving Us Major Inspo

As has been routine, Pantene was the presenting sponsor for the Pantene Hum Bridal Couture Week ‘21. To commemorate its support for the brand and showcase its signature philosophy, Pantene had its own ‘Hair Show’ at the event. The ramp featured immaculately styled hair with models dressed to impress. Be it voluminous curls or luscious straight hair, the hair show mastered all these hairstyles with panache. Of course, this beautiful display of luscious locks became the talk of the town. 

What’s more, is that we finally have all the inspiration in the world to start taking care of our own hair. After Pantene’s hair show, we can’t be settling for less.

The Atmosphere Was Unbeatable

The decor was also not to be missed. Pantene created a memorable life-sized version of its signature bottle which was featured on the ramp. The hair show had a mantra that it followed: #PanteneMoreOpenHairDays. That is also the philosophy behind Pantene: to give women enviable hair which they would want to flaunt every day, everywhere. Thus, the hair show was encouraging and inspiring for women of all hair lengths! 


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As if the show already wasn’t amazing enough, things took a turn for the better. Pantene’s faces like Umair Jaswal performed at the show too and had the audience wrapped around his finger. If you can imagine, he sang a song focused on open hair and Pantene’s commitment to giving luscious hair to women. His song, ‘Baalon ko Apni Tarah Urne Dou’ captured the confidence we get by flicking healthy, shiny, and beautiful-looking hair. 

The Dresses to Complement

The hair show could not be complete without incredible clothes to also set the stage on fire. The hair show also showcased a fabulous collaboration with Fahad Hussyn complete with Umair Jaswal’s tunes. Fahad Hussyn understood the memo and went crazy with Pantene’s signature gold colour for his models. 

The show was a remarkable example of how incredible shows can be created by perfecting each component. However, if we’re leaving this Pantene Hair show with something it’s with the images of Pantene-created hair looks that will live rent-free in our heads!

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