polished man
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You’ll either agree with how Shaniera Akram tweeted recently or you won’t, but we can’t deny that it’s a step towards awareness.

A Polished Man

Using the hashtag #PolishedManPk, Shaniera tweeted about men doing their part in raising awareness against child abuse. 

Some of the toughest men that this country has produced, in various fields, come together to raise their hands in this cause. The index nail painting is a sign to show softness and represents the millions of children who are abused every day. Our real-life heroes say, “We will not tolerate child abuse in this country.”

 Pakistan’s Children

Pakistan has failed to protect its little ones too many times. Whether it be through external exploitation or within families, too many children in Pakistan bear abuse.

The horrific cases come one after another, and the thought of an innocent, naive life being treated this way is nothing less than heart-wrenching. 

How do we protect them? Do we keep them at home? Even the home is not safe for so many children.

A Young Child Beaten For Being Absent

In a horrific turn of events, a piece of news was floating on social media about a child. A child of age 8 was working at a shop as a “trainee.” After he was absent for two days, he was severely beaten by the shop owner when he returned.

What matters here is that how do you explain to a mere 8-year-old why the world is this way and why he had to bear that? We’ve all got no answers.

Deaf and Blind To Goodness

The purpose of talking about Shaniera Akram’s tweet is not to say that she has ended this problem in our country with a single tweet. Rather, it is to talk about how an influential person is using their platform for good.

As you can see, many people ended up painting their index nail, too, following this tweet. Is awareness harmful in this case?

 However, others resorted to calling her tweet a whitewashing of Pakistani men and also patronizing. Is she guilty as charged? Another person also started debating in the comments about the fact that Shoaib Malik needs to go!

It isn’t too difficult to see why many are not bothered to use their platform for good in Pakistan.

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