Mr and Mrs Shameem took over the internet soon after the release of its trailer. The dynamic duo of Noman Ijaz and Saba Qamar took over the small screen in unconventional roles.

Nauman Ijaz plays the male lead Shameem while the aggressive and, more often than not controversial, Saba Qamar plays his love interest, Umeena.

Now that the series is out, there is only one question on everyone’s mind. IS IT WORTH A WATCH?

While Mr and Mrs Shameem might not be your everyday love story, it sure teaches many things about love. While the story revolves and outgoing women and an effeminate man,

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Like most of us, Umeena was raised with a somewhat distorted perception of love, and like most of us, she learns it the hard way after Shameem rescues her from a heartbreak she didn’t see coming.

In a series of events, she ends up marrying the one person who never fitted her romantic notions. Breaking the general stereotypes, the show portrayed the story of a man who, according to society, isn’t worthy of the label. Yet he proves everyone wrong with his actions making Umeena yell at a group of men as she stood beside him.

“You so-called men don’t even compare to Shameem.”

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The show’s ideology revolves around building an emotional connection. It shows how a relationship can exceed certain boundaries pertaining to physical and social. While involving a plethora of emotions that, if tackled in the right way, can do wonders.

The complexity of Shameem’s personality knows no boundaries. However, it is only a matter of time till his personality unfolds and people get to witness pure love.

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Meanwhile, the show’s turning point is when Shameem’s mysterious illness comes to light. The show then moves on to features the physical and mental challenges he has to face.

In an interview, the actor discussed the complexity of the role and relationship with his fellow actor. “We wanted someone with a strong screen presence, who could understand the many layers and shades of this [Umeena’s] character, and who could effortlessly play young to old. It’s also a bold character that few actresses would’ve been willing to take up. Saba is one actor who gets into the skin of her character and takes the performance level to fresh heights every time.”

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