Kenwood has proved itself as a trailblazer brand in Pakistan, introducing a wide range of gadgets not just for the kitchen but for the entire home.

Over the years, the powerhouse has focused all of its promotional strategies to highlight relatable household issues prevalent in our society

Their unforgettable slice-of-life campaign, the iconic ‘Khush Raho’ series broke the clutter and proved that Pakistan can churn out content that is creatively competitive with the rest of the world.

Raising the ante, the brand has rolled out yet another ground-breaking campaign that focuses on sweet and sour moments of everyday life, something that every Pakistani will be able to relate to.

Kenwood has stepped outside its niche by introducing its ‘MiddleSeOoper’ webisodes series!

“It is highly notable how the brand holds the first mover advantage to launch something as innovative as a web-series”

Middle Se Ooper Takes Social Media By Storm!

The teaser kicks off with 3 excited youngsters of Mujahid family who cannot wait to shift from their current home to DHA with their ‘amma, Abba, and uncle Shahid’.

We saw how the promo portrays everyday issues middle-class families face such as sudden power outages or water supply getting cut off at the wrong time!

The webisode sheds light on how the mindset of the youth is influenced by materialistic wants and wishes. The millennials are always trying to fit in so that they can also blend with the higher class.

For those who have missed the teaser, you can watch it here!

Moving to the pilot episode, a heated debate is in the air in the Mujahid house where the children are forcing their ‘ammi jaan’ to get rid of an outdated wall painting and console. Apparently, it did not go with the American styled furniture.

While the melodrama continued and the mother gives a lecture on how kids these days do not appreciate antique items, a girl comes knocking at the door!

She introduces herself as Hira, the neighbor and starts communicating in fluent English! Of course, the kids were all inspired by their ‘angrezi parosoi’ while the mother seemed pretty miffed by her presence.

The twist comes when Hira could not help praising the console and the artsy painting! Eventually, the entire clan agreed that both the items can stay.

Will the Mujahid Family Survive in a new Neighborhood? Watch the Pilot Episode to Find Out!

The hilarious punch lines and witty performances in the first webisode have us totally hooked! So much so, we can’t wait to find out what goes down in episode #2 which will roll out on 13th January.

We bet Mrs. Mujahid is surely going to enjoy having Hira’s company and not to forget a new maid in the house!

This is probably going to be an encounter the maid is never going to forget, considering that she is a modern-day, cool maid who probably loves to binge watch on Netflix and is a know-it-all when it comes to brands!

We are yet to see how the family copes up with settling in a new community and surrounding itself with new people, with amma being a protagonist!

Will Mrs. Mujahid be able to negotiate on her terms with Hira’s maid? what is expected in the upcoming webisode!

You can watch the webisodes on Kenwood’s official page by clicking here.