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In a recent verdict, the Supreme Court of Pakistan rendered a decisive judgment against Bahria Town (Pvt) Ltd. Imposing a penalty of Rs1 million for what was deemed as a wastage of the court’s time. Beyond the monetary fine, the court directed the real estate giant to channel this amount to the Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT). Which is known for offering crucial healthcare services without charges.

Disputed Land and Unfulfilled Obligations

The ruling, encapsulated in a comprehensive 13-page written order. Highlighting Bahria Town’s purported failure to adhere to a prior agreement following a 2019 SC judgment. The company, according to the court, received less land than specified in the judgment, triggering a withholding of payments that had been contractually agreed upon.

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Underlying this dispute was a survey conducted by the Survey of Pakistan (SoP). Incurring an expense of Rs1 million, which substantiated that Bahria Town possessed more land than it claimed. The discrepancy between the land in possession and the alleged shortfall was starkly exposed in the report, debunking Bahria Town’s assertions.

Negligence and Financial Irregularities

The court’s assessment pointed out Bahria Town’s purported attempts to avoid payment under the guise of land insufficiency. The company allegedly utilized applications alleging a land deficit as a ruse to evade its financial commitments, disregarding their obligations as outlined in the consent order.

Additionally, the court expressed dismay over remittances made into the SC registrar’s accounts without seeking proper authorization. These remittances, identified as funds possibly linked to criminal activities, needlessly entangled the Supreme Court. Highlighting the negligence and lack of adherence to established protocols.

Court’s Directive and Ensuring Accountability

The court order underscored Bahria Town’s failure to deposit the agreed-upon instalments, resulting in a default on their part. The non-compliance with the court’s directives and the persistent avoidance of financial responsibilities were highlighted as grave concerns.

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In response to the verdict, Bahria Town is obliged to make payments to SIUT and reimburse the expenses incurred by the SoP for the survey. Following the settlement of dues, the accounts maintained in the name of the SC registrar will be closed by the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP).

This ruling stands as a beacon for corporate accountability and adherence to legal obligations. It emphasizes the imperative for entities, regardless of their stature, to uphold agreements, fulfill commitments. And demonstrate transparency in their dealings. Ultimately, the verdict underscores the sanctity of legal commitments and the consequential accountability for any deviation from them.

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