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Chahat Fateh Ali is a comedian and social media personality who catches headlines every now and then. Recently he’s gone viral after releasing his new song, called Bado Badi. Bado Badi garnered an immense amount of views, as it went viral shortly after its release. Lately, Chahat Fateh Ali is being accused of exploiting a model in the video, by paying her less and spreading misinformation about her. After the song hit millions upon millions of views, the video was unexpectedly taken down.

Chahat Fateh Ali On Why Bado Badi Was Removed

Heres a link to the interview:

The singer appeared on Ary News, Har Lamha Purjosh via a video call. In the show, the host Waseem Badami questioned Chahat Fateh Ali about why the video was removed. The question seemed to have startled the singer, who replied with the entire story of the copyright claim he is currently facing.

The singer stated, “When I released this song on YouTube, after 10 days, I revived a letter stating that a company has claimed the copyright of this song. I also wrote a letter back to them and replied that the song and composition belonged to me. Don’t unfairly do this to me as I have been running a channel for the last eleven years and now Alhamdulillah, my channel is also doing great, they have just removed this particular song. I have gotten a lot of subscribers after my song Bado Badi went viral. Now, they have sent me another letter that Bado Badi was sung by legendary Noor Jehan. And they have claimed the copyrights so we are deleting it. I don’t know why they are making such claims, because my composition is different from Madam Noor Jahan’s song”.

Furthermore, even the grandson of the musician requested credits, shocking Chahat even more. Clearly after seeing the song be so successful everyone wants a slice. Though the composition and idea of Bado Badi was entirely Chahat Fateh Ali’s, anyone and everyone is claiming a part in it.

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