taliban first news conference revealed
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The Taliban descended upon Kabul earlier this week and took control of the city without a fight. On Tuesday, they held their first news conference in which they delineated all points pertaining to their rule. Here’s what you need to know:

taliban first news conference revealed
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The Press Conference

The conference came as the United States started aggressively evacuating Western allies and diplomats. The US also has current control over the airport where huge crowds of people stay desperately. 

The spokesperson of the conference was Mujahid. Until now he had been issuing statements from the shadows. However, now he has not only come to the forefront but has conducted the conference too. 

A Very Forgiving Regime

One of the things the Taliban said was that “We seek no revenge and “everyone is forgiven””. In this, they are referring to all the international diplomats and US officers still in Kabul. Moreover, their statement also applies to all those Afghan nationals who helped the international forces.

Women’s Rights

Their next talking point was pertaining to women. They remarked that they  “will honour women’s rights but within the norms of Islamic law”. Since their invasion on Afghanistan, the uproar on social media has been for the sake of women and children mostly. In their last regime, the Taliban did not allow women to work or study. When they had to leave the house, men should accompany them.

taliban first news conference revealed
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Now since they descended on Kabul, pictures of women are also being painted over outside shops.

Private Media

The Taliban said, “We want private media to remain independent but the media should not work against national interests”. The spokesperson added that private media could continue to be free and independent in Afghanistan. They gave the impression that they were committed to the media within its cultural structure.

Afghanistan Takes A Stand

Moreover, “Afghanistan will not allow itself to harbour anyone targeting other nations.”

The spokesperson also stressed that Afghanistan would not allow itself to harbour anyone targeting other nations. This was a key point in the negotiation struck with Trump.

taliban first news conference revealed
Image Source: AS English

Cleansing Narcotics Out 

Their last main point was that “Afghanistan will be a narcotics-free country”. This is a huge development they are arguing for. The spokesperson pledged to stunt the heroin supply from Afghanistan. He calls for international support for alternative crops that previous opium growers can depend on.

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