Hazim Bangwar was elected as the new assistant commissioner of North Nazimabad a few months back and he became the most popular and talked about political public figure. He was the talk of the town because of his “cool” and “unique” style, career, and personality. Basically, he was too cool for the people and even gave some serious competition to his fellow politicians.

Hazim is a style icon but a singer by profession and has worked with big names in the musical part of Hollywood. But in Pakistan, he has tried to keep himself as humble as possible while serving as the assistant commissioner of North Nazimabad.

Image Source: Reviewit.pk

Who Is Hazim Bangwar? 

Hazim Bangwar told the news that his family is very much against his political activities. They think he is “all set” in America, where he was living permanently before coming to Pakistan to become assistant commissioner. They think that there was no need for him to leave a well-settled life to come and better Pakistan’s economic and political conditions. But going against everything and everyone, he decided to stand for the elections and secure his spot as assistant commissioner North Nazimabad, Karachi.

Hazim Bangwar faced much criticism and personal allegations because of his appearance and his lifestyle but despite that, he is proving to be a great assistant commissioner.

What Has Hazim Done For The People Till Now? 

He is one of those political public servants whose main aim is to serve the people and only that. Karachi’s sewage and underground pipeline system has never been the greatest due to a lack of maintenance, funding, and labor. North Nazimabad, especially is one of the more congested and unhygienic areas. After the yearly monsoon rains is when North Nazimabad is genuinely unlivable. But Hazim Bangwar has been playing his part. Have a look.

He has also been very well aware of the fact that in Karachi, task delegation is not enough, so he has been seen multiple times doing fieldwork himself. Here is another time when he was seen clearing out choked sewage pipelines. His adding a fun fact for his followers is just another example of how cool he is.

Other than fieldwork he also posts on social media giving people information and awareness regarding what they can do to help him which will eventually prove to be better for them. His dedication to his work is so much that he even works on holidays and weekends.

All in all, he has been helping other small social workers and NGOs to help the people of Karachi. It is safe to say he has already managed to make many fans including us!

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