The Chairman of the Shariah Board Pakistan, Sheikh Al-Hadith Professor Dr. Mufti Muhammad Zafar Iqbal Jalali, announced the fixed rates for Sadaqah-e-Fitr or Fitrana and Fidya for Ramadan 2024. According to the announcement made on Thursday, the minimum amount for Sadaqah-e-Fitr and Fidya due to health reasons is set at Rs300 per person, roughly equivalent to two kilograms of wheat flour. Dr. Jalali emphasized the importance of philanthropy, urging affluent individuals to contribute in accordance with their financial capacity.

Image Souce: Islamic Relief

The values are set at Rs600 for oats, Rs2,400 for dates, and Rs4,400 for raisins. Additionally, Dr. Jalali outlined the Fidya rates for fasting the entire month of Ramadan, which range from Rs9,000 to Rs132,000 depending on the circumstances. He clarified that Fidya is intended for individuals who are chronically ill or unable to fast with no prospect of recovery. Travelers and those temporarily unable to fast are obligated to make up for missed fasts, as Fidya cannot substitute for abstaining from fasting.

Image Source: ZamZam

Furthermore, the Ministry of Poverty Alleviation and Social Security set the minimum amount for Zakat at Rs135,179 this year. Zakat will be applicable on savings accounts or profit and loss sharing accounts with a balance of Rs135,179 or more, with individuals meeting this criteria liable to pay 2.5% Zakat on their total account balance.

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