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Due to the outbreak of the on-going global pandemic, we all know that it’s a hard time for us and for the rest of the world to cope with this calamity. People are feeling stressed and imprisoned in their homes. Yes, it is a very difficult situation to handle as we are cut off from our normal life which ironically was so abnormal.

But we cannot mourn and waste all this time. In other words, we must not forget the other side of the picture. We know everything happens for a reason and that could be anything. You can still choose to think the other way round. You are given a chance to reflect on yourself, to turn inward and connect all the broken threads. So, here are some notions that you should consider to ward off your quarantine blues.

1. Imbibe the quarantine hues positively

Let these moments polish you and do something that your future self will thank you for. As the famous writer, Paulo Coelho said, “Not all storms come to disrupt your life, some come to clear your path”. Consequently, you need to be optimistic and be hopeful about what’s happening around you. You need to listen deeply to the rhythms of nature, as everyone needs a break, so does nature.

Let us align ourselves with nature and do things that we love. Earth is in its healing process so its time for us to heal too. I think it’s been long that you have given time to yourself so go for it first. It’s time to learn and unlearn, to forgive yourself and forgive others, and to realize that all the worldly things are temporary. The things that will always remain will be the love that you give, the good intentions that you share, and the smile that you radiate. Never lose hope. stay safe and strong.

2. Create Yourself

You do not have to be a loon and waste this golden opportunity of creating yourself. Do something that you are passionate about and something that you have not done because of your previously hectic routine. Pull yourself together and explore something new. Do not fear what a gem you can be. Let the artist come out behind the curtains. Add some colors to otherwise ponderous life. Let me tell you for you can do wonders because “when Shakespeare was quarantined due to plague, he wrote King Lear”.

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You can also do something creative which could be anything such as reading a good book, painting some lovely images, trying new recipes or it may be planting some veggies in your garden. Believe me, it will really help you to create yourself and will inspire you to relax and inhale some fresh air.

3. Build connection

This time is hard but it will pass. All you can do is to keep loving people around you. Do the things that you have postponed because of your tied up life. Remember the time when you missed your home and deadly wanted to be around your siblings, mom, dad while not leaving your tough routine. So, this is the time you can have all those luxuries. After all, a family is everything.

It’s a blessing that always helps you grow and turn you into a better version of yourself. Make your connections strong and meaningful to cultivate more love and peace. As the real treasures of life lie in connectivity and love, hold onto your connections firmly and radiate happiness.

4. Maintain a Healthy Routine

This is the best time to vitalize your health. Accordingly, for gaining your physical and mental health, you can make the most out of it by setting a healthy routine, one in which you will feel liberated of all the things that burden your body and mind. Albeit, stay put to a routine that includes healthy sleeping patterns, wholesome food and 3x workout per week.

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In my view, eating organic food like veggies and homemade food is the best option as it will make you feel a lot lighter and also will make your skin look healthy. Besides that maintain your sleep routine which means try to sleep and get up each day at the same timings. Good sleep ensures good health, physically and mentally. Also, do some exercise to keep your body fit and relaxed. If you follow one such routine, it will help you balance your routine and will free you from extraneous things. Stay calm and healthy.

5. Solitude

The state in which you are happy within yourself not needing anyone to validate your existence. You must not negate the perks of solitude albeit it’s the best way to restore peace in your life. Before this quarantine, we were lost in the bustling life and almost forgot ourselves. But now, we have got a chance to cherish the glorious sight and find solace in nature that was so often overlooked in the hamster wheel of life.

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Above all, we can be friends with ourselves again and fall for ourselves as we have never been before. So, do not miss the chance to cherish the rare moments of this quaint life. Spend this time with yourself and meet the person who is neglected so far. Take your time to appreciate hues of simple things around you. So lose not yourself, find yourself in this time. As British Novelist and short story writer Roald Dahl said: “A little magic can take you a long way”. The real spark lies within you and if you managed to find that in this time, I know you will be doing wonders then.

This article was submitted by Mohsina Rehman