ios 14.6 battery drain solution
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Have you downloaded iOS 14.6 and are facing the excessive battery drain? Here’s the solution to your trouble.

Apple’s New iOS Update

The new iOS 14.6 brought a host of new features and big fixes to the iPhone. However, many users are reporting an issue thereafter with their battery life. We all know, if your battery is annoying you, everything seems annoying in life.

ios 14.6 battery drain solution
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The New Features

iOS 14.6 was released only last week and brought many excellent changes. For instance, there is a way to find lost AirTags and the launch of Apple Card Family. Plus, there are many improvements made in the Apple Music department for those whose playlists mean the world to them. 

But all these good changes aside, who would want to trade this with good battery life? 

The Issue Coming Up

Several users started mass-reporting a problem with their battery draining rapidly since they upgraded. It was first reported by a tech blog PiunikaWeb and then it was reported everywhere!

ios 14.6 battery drain solution
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iPhone users also took the complaint to Apple Support Community forums and Twitter to make people aware. As a result, many also postponed their plans to download the new iOS. 

The Solution

We get it, you were waiting for this. So, here’s the deal! The CNET sister site ZDNet has suggested a solution that is worth trying. Try going to Settings and then Battery. Keep scrolling down to battery usage by the app to note which apps are hogging your battery life. 

Most Apple users noted that since iOS 14.6 brought new features to the Podcast app, they started using that. However, the Podcast app has been noticed to be consuming large amounts of power after the update. You can try uninstalling and reinstalling the app to see if it makes a difference or properly quit the app once used.  

No Note From Apple

Apple has not acknowledged the issue so far. Moreover, it has also not responded to a request for comment. Perhaps they’re busy covering their flaws!

How To Update

ios 14.6 battery drain solution
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Since a solution has sort of been found for the issue if you would like to install the update go ahead.

To update, go to Settings > General > Software Update. You will be able to see iOS 14.6. Tap Download and then Install.

Plus, keep in mind that after an update the device is taking its time to get used to it. A lot is going on inside which we can not hear or see thanks to modern-day technology. Hence, a little battery drain in the days following an update is also normal.

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