telegram features
Image Source: Twitter

With the updated Whatsapp Privacy Policy now effective and in place, many users have shifted to Telegram, which they consider safer. To maintain this newfound consumer base, Telegram has been adding numerous features to its application. Among these features is one where the users can modify font size in the app. So the font size does not need to change for the entire phone anymore.

Do you want to know how to do this?

The best part is that while most new features for numerous apps are given to only android users, this one is for iOS users. They have to make it through the sync option in settings. The app took it to Twitter, saying:

“You can scale the font size of messages to see your chats – even without your glasses. On iOS, users can sync all text to their System setting or set individual font sizes for chats and menus. #TelegramTips

Meanwhile, some other Telegram updates!

The app is definitely on a roll. Just last week, they said that they would be providing the meme feature in better results. So instead of pixelated memes, enjoy them in a way you can actually enjoy them.

“Memes in 4k? The future’s looking bright,”

They added the meme which indicated towards English Singer Rick Astley’s 1987 single, “Never Gonna Give You Up.”

The application has definitely introduced many amazing updates to facilitate the new and old users but will it be easy for Whatsapp to lose the position it currently enjoys? Just a few days ago, Whatsapp announced on its anniversary that two billion users send almost 100 billion messages in a month, not even a year!

Whatsapp has been in our lives for some time, and completely moving away from it will definitely be challenging.

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