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Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2020 is currently taking place in Pakistan. If you’re someone who has already purchased tickets for the matches in advance you must know that PSL will refund your tickets if in case of rain in the cities where the matches are taking place.

Which province will be affected by the rain? 

According to the Pakistan Meteorological Department, lower Sindh including Karachi is expected to have dusty winds and light showers on Thursday and Friday.

The PSL matches that are scheduled for Thursday, Friday and Saturday that can eventually end up being called-off!

What are the conditions that apply for a full refund? 

  1. A 100% refund can be claimed if the match does not take place at the designated day for which the ticket was valid.
  2. If in case of rain, spectators can claim a 100% refund on their tickets.

Other conditions where a partial refund can be claimed? 

  1. A 75% refund can be claimed if incase the game stops midway due to any uncontrollable circumstances.
  2. A 50% refund can be claimed if the game is restricted to 5 complete overs and under 10 cumulative overs.

What are the refund policies for Hospitality Boxes and tickets? 

1. If the hospitality ticket has not been used due to the rain, a 100% refund can be claimed.
2. If no toss or play takes place in the ground on the day, a 50% refund can be claimed.
3. If in case, you lose tickets or not use them due to any reason, the refund applies to Box Office and Express Center.

In what circumstances will the PSL not entertain any refunds? 

  1. No funds will be entertained after 10 overs or more have already taken place.
  2. If incase, toss has taken place already then you can not claim a refund.

If in case of any changes, PCB will provide fans with a media release as well as announce on all the official digital platforms.

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