Source: Faysal Bank

In today’s fast paced digital world making transactions online has become both convenient and necessary. We are moving towards a ‘cashless’ era in the near future where credit cards are becoming the favoured mode of payment.

Every credit card comes with great perks in the form of reward points that come in handy when you want to make purchases.

With Faysal Bank Credit Cards there is an added benefit. The advantage lies in the more you spend, the more reward points you get- up to 5x in returns to be exact!

Faysal Bank has rolled out two new credit cards, Blaze and Velocity that are sleek in design, fast, convenient and are equipped with the latest chip and pin technology for added security.

How to Earn SmilePoints?

International spending is now easier with Faysal Bank credit cards. To pay for any online streaming services such as Netflix, all you need to do is add your credit card details and your monthly payments would be taken care of day to day transactions have also become simpler and trouble-free.

You can now easily order food through foodpanda or use the transport services of Careem or Uber without having to worry about dealing in cash with the merchants.

Every time a FBL cardholder makes repeated transactions with the selective merchants, they earn SmilePoints.

Thesepoints can then be redeemed at various places such as dining out, retail outlets and even when purchasing electronics.

How Many Points?

FBL cardholders can earn 5x SmilePoints on selective merchants (recurring payments) till May 31,2020.

The Blaze Credit Card offers double the SmilePoints on apparel shopping while the Velocity card offers double SmilePoints on paying utility bills.  The best part is that you get five times SmilePoints on international spending.

So what are you waiting for? The world is your oyster, local or international spending was never this easy!

Spend.. Spend .. SPEND with Faysal Bank and earn as many points as you can.