halloween 2020
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Halloween 2020 – how does one dress up scary in the year that has been nothing but horrifying? Many also chose to stay home amidst news of the second wave which meant that the outfits were less OTT. See how some international and local celebs celebrated the Halloween spirit with jazz! 

1. Hira Tareen

Hira Tareen chose to make her house a haunted place with many cute decorations and touches. Her heartfelt caption spoke about enjoying the event since childhood and wanting the same for her girl. She and her husband and daughter dressed up at home and posed with the adorable (read: scary) decorations.


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2. Sharmila Faruqi

Sharmila Faruqi did not hold back on that makeup and those poses! This celeb did not let the circumstances get the best of her and made sure to get into the holiday spirit. Check out the incredible makeup she was donning.

3. Amna Ilyas

Amna Ilyas definitely won the game this time around. The transformation into Chucky was insane and the expressions are phenomenal. We love how her spirit is channelled in this character and the way she’s done justice to it!


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4. Tabesh Khoji

Tabesh Khoji is known for his loud costumes and how exactly he replicates them on Halloween. This year was no different for the style star who got dressed as a clown. Check out his elaborate and fancy getting-ready video and the total transformation!


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5. Natasha Zubair

Lahore’s most favourite photographer and entrepreneur also wanted to win the show this Halloween. Natasha Zubair decided to dress as ‘The Shining Twins’ with her best friend this year and boy, did they nail the look?! From the frocks to the hairstyle to the knee-high socks and shoes, these girls are straight out of a horror movie!


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6. Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik

Everyone’s favourite star couple has been on the down-low recently after the birth of their daughter. But, on Halloween, everybody gets revived! Gigi was dressed in a blue costume while Zayn looked like he dressed as a Hogwarts student. Their little baby girl was also in something green at her first Halloween.


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7. Kylie Jenner 

Kylie Jenner’s Halloween costume – or shall we say costumes – are anticipated by many. Everyone knows they’re going to be elaborate and raunchy and this year she delivered again. Say hello to ‘King Cobra’ dressed in Mugler with the fangs, snakeskin and all.


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