BTW – A fashion brand that has successfully gained the attention of Gen-Z, thanks to its groovy designs, futuristic marketing strategies, and an extensive line of fashionable products, but is that all to it?

By The Way – BTW

BTW is a fashion apparel and accessories brand which has been around for 6-7 years. With more than 17 stores all over Pakistan, the brand is set to open its third store in Karachi. While serving people in the small cities, BTW also caters to customers in Sialkot, Bahawalpur, and Faisalabad. BTW has now taken things one step ahead and has already gained attention from the masses, committed to serving quality and listening to their customers’ opinions while actively implementing and improvising their services all over Pakistan.

The Brand Philosophy

The idea behind the fashion institute comes with an emphasis on empowerment. On multiple occasions, the brand has provided a platform for musicians, artists, and women, to put their best foot forward and showcase their talent on a mass level.

Nonetheless, the brand has conquered the Gen-Z crowd with its bold designs, hip colors, and fashion statements previously deemed outdated by Millennials. Because if there is one thing Gen-Z is good at, it is how to take on the fashion trends.

Fashion Meets Music At Metanoia 

Recently, BTW held a one-of-a-kind fashion show -‘Metanoia’. It was a night of bold moves, buzz-worthy outfits, and music by renowned musicians. The Metanoia event attracted the crowd and featured a fashion line inclusive of all age groups. The event hosted a diverse crowd while targetting the Gen-Z and Millennial markets. The fashion event also hosted some of the biggest names in the music industry, including Daniyal Z, Shamoon Ismail, HYDR, Hassan & Roshan, and many more.

The stars and celebrities wore some of the latest and trendy outfits from BTW and got a chance to get some portraits for the brand backstage. Metanoia is all about effortless looks and bold cuts. While the event is revolutionary, to say the least, it sure has set a standard for the brand’s upcoming events.

The wildly uplifting fashion show featured bold colors blended with Gen-Z’s magical thinking. The fashion show also lifted the curtains for Pakistan’s first one-of-a-kind concert.

What Inspired Metanoia?

The idea behind Metanoia came with the need to promote the younger and upcoming artists. The brand is committed to marketing to the upcoming generation of artists to showcase their work. To provide an avenue for the young artists’ Metanoia set the stage while keeping the diversity that comes with fashion in mind. Channelling the Gen-Z vibe, the event featured fashion, music, and art to provide a wholesome experience to the crowd.

S.M. Umair, the owner/director of BTW and Metanoia’s exclusive sponsor, experimented with the idea of hosting Metanoia in order to promote art and artists.

“We believe in the idea of promoting the talent that exists in Pakistan because they do not get the chance to be highlighted enough,” explained S.M Umair in an interview.

Top-Notch Customer Service 

With supreme quality products, BTW believes in giving back to the community. The high-end quality of the fabric and the products speak for themselves. While keeping their prices, budget-friendly BTW has always catered to crowds from all communities. Not to mention the out-of-the-world sales, which give a chance to snag some fantastic pieces at almost half the prices.

BTW is all about bold moves, and the brand is committed to taking multiple steps towards the development of the niche and providing a fantastic experience in all aspects to its customers.

What’s Next?

BTW is all set to launch two new stores across Pakistan. The upcoming Eid collection is something fans also need to look forward to. When it comes to clothing and accessories, the brand will stick to its classic style and custom cuts for the new collection. The chic and fusion looks will highlight the brand’s upcoming collections.

BTW – Paving The Way For Future Fashion Enthusiasts 

From marketing to delivery, the high-end quality of the product, and excellent customer service, BTW is many steps ahead of its rivals in creating a diverse fashion scene in Pakistan. The role, taken on by the brand to support new talent and celebrate the work of the younger generation is changing the dynamics of the creative industry.

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