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The covid vaccine has had people second guess not only covid but also what the vaccine may be being used to insert in their bodies. As a result, many are refraining from getting vaccinated. And this is why, to encourage more of their employees to get the shot, Apple is giving a few incentives to them.

Apple provides incentives

The incentives, as the tech giant has conveyed, are that they will be giving the paid time off to the employees if they have a vaccine appointment. And when they do get the vaccine, it is likely that they will get some health-related side effects. If they do, they will also be eligible for sick pay.

This development comes from the fact that Apple has not acquired the vaccine or is providing it to the employees. So considering it is not giving it to its employee it is a nice gesture for them to create a context where their workers readily get vaccinated.

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Covid and the tech giant

Ever since the covid issue picked up height, numerous companies went into working remotely worldwide. Just like that, Apple’s employees have been working from home since March of 2020. In December, the Apple executives announced that only 15 percent of the entire workforce was coming to the premises of Apple’s Cupertino, Apple Park, California-based headquarters.

It was also hinted that workers may have to return to office by June 2021 but things might not “return to the way they were.” That said, the same executive mentioned how they have observed that various aspects have worked better virtually.

Apple Announces new program
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Hopefully, these incentives will influence more people into getting the vaccine shot.

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