For car enthusiasts, 2018 will be a year they are bound to remember forever! Not only are international companies finally making their entry in Pakistan, present companies are also introducing new car models to make the competition more interesting.

An interesting lineup of brands and cars will be seen on the roads and in several showrooms. This includes big names like famous French manufacturer Groupe Renault, KIA Motors, and others!

With the arrival of these foreign brands, the local automakers Honda, Toyota and Suzuki are also gearing up to give them a tough competition.

Let’s take a quick look at what our local automobile brands are doing to challenge its rivals.


Toyota was the first brand who has been smart enough to sense the upcoming change in the market. For now, the brand is:

  1. improving the delivery time of vehicles
  2. planning to boost its production by additional  10,000 units per year by investing $40 million.
  3. ceasing the production of its iconic GLI and XLI models.
  4. launching new hybrid-Camry and all-new Fortuner with a Diesel engine


The automotive giant is all set to raise its game and has planned various strategies to lock horn with its international rivals.

The brand is all set to roll out:

  • a subcompact sedan Suzuki Ciaz and a pickup Mega Carry is on its way
  • a New AGS coupled Cultus
  • High-end heavy bike GSX-R600 and a 150cc bike GR150.
  • it is rumored that a 660cc Alto will be unveiled the first quarter of 2019.

Honda Pakistan

Following the rest, Honda too is bracing the fierce competition that is on its way.

The brand is planning:

  • A re-launch of 1.5L Honda Civic turbo in the first quarter of 2018
  • Rumor is that a new city in 2018 is also in the works
  • Honda Atlas is aiming to introduce a locally assembled 1,200cc Brio

United Autos

United Autos aka United Motorcycles were looking for a dealership to partner with to start their own automotive manufacturing and production in Pakistan.

Now, the latest from the aspiring brand is that it will not introduce one, but will introduce 2 new models.


Sources have stated that the first variant will be seen in the first-half of 2018. The brand has associated itself with a Chinese manufacturer for this project.

The cars will come under the brand name of ‘United’ after their production starts. The cars are being said to be direct competitors to cars like Suzuki Mehran and similar variants.

The second car in the making can be a 1000cc variant of a heavyweight/loader/pickup kind of car.