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Even though there are many successful marriages of celebrities, when a star is seen not with their spouse, the first thought the audience has is, did they get separated? Such was the case with Shahroz Sabzwari and Syra Yusuf, with Urwa Hocane and Farhan Saeed, and now Sanam Jung and her husband.

For the first couple, it got confirmed soon after the rumors started. The second hasn’t spoken up yet, but some powerful speculations have been made. And the third has finally been addressed by Sanam Jung at a show.

Time Out – Sanam Jung

While speaking to Ahsan Khan at ‘Time Out’, she talked about how people have been asking her whether she got separated from her husband, and if not, then why is she is not living with him. These queries increased when she posted her pictures at her sister’s wedding. They wanted to know why her spouse would not attend his sister-in-law’s wedding if they were not separate. To quell the rumors, she uploaded a clarification photo with her husband.

The real reason

But getting the platform to address this, she did not shy away from it and decided to take it head-on. She told the audience that her husband Qassam works in the United States. Meanwhile, her work is based in Pakistan. But that is not the primary issue she is living in Pakistan, away from her husband. As it turns out, her daughter Alaya is not able to get a US visa.

While Sanam is totally able to go to the US and be with her husband, being the responsible parents they are, they have chosen to bear the difficulty of staying apart to ensure that the little Alaya gets to live with one, if not both her parents. This is at least until Alaya gets her visa, after which both of them will be living with Qassam, Sanam’s husband.

Until then, Alaya stays in Pakistan with her mother and waits for Qassam to visit the country to be able to meet her father.

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