COVID Vaccination
Image Source: OHSU News

COVID peaked in Pakistan in early March and soon sent the country into lockdown mode. The government had to react to the situation to contain the spread and keep the hospitals functioning effectively. And therefore, various city centers were turned into quarantine zones. Karachi Expo center was one of those quarantine centers.

COVID in Pakistan

The first of covid was effectively controlled. But then people just had to get used to the spread of covid because life couldn’t just stop. And when the second wave hit, people had given up on the idea of quarantine centers. But now that the COVID vaccination is out, it is only time to keep Pakistan away from it. Soon the vaccine curators will send it our way as well. Hopefully, they will do before the virus has mutated to an extensive degree and the vaccine is still usable.

Karachi Expo Centre Becomes COVID Vaccination Point

So to administer the vaccine, the Sindh Government is planning to create vaccination centers. And just like Expo became the quarantine center, it will also become the COVID vaccination center. Sindh Health Minister, Dr. Azra Pechuho, has said on Thursday that they are planning to do so. She visited Expo to see the arrangements for herself. That will also include the cold chain being curated to keep the vaccine in the low temperatures as instructed by the experts.

She also mentioned that the vaccination would be conducted in different phases. The first phase will include vaccinating healthcare workers. And so the authorities have to prepare the list for the frontline personnel.

Fawad Chaudhry, the Federal Minister for Science and Technology, mentioned that the country is buying 1.2 million doses of vaccine. They are buying it at the beginning of the year from China’s Sinopharm. As for the trials happening in Pakistan, the Can Sino Biologics’ vaccine is in the phase III trials.

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