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[Update]: We have adjusted to the new normal to quite some degree, at least. There have been restrictions on traveling, the workforce has been made to adjust, and well, there has been lesser physical activity out on the streets, comparatively. This was because when someone caught covid or was in the vicinity of someone suspected of it, they were to quarantine themselves to stop its further spread.

Well, not anymore!

It turns out that the people who have received the vaccination for coronavirus (two doses of Pfizer/BioNTech or Moderna) can skip the quarantine requirement. So even if you meet up with a suspected COVID patient, you don’t have to go into social isolation. Of course, they shouldn’t stop taking precautions. But to be eligible for this, you need to have the two shots with a two-week gap as it takes this much time for the immunity to develop after the second shot. The recipients of the vaccine will need to watch their symptoms to see how they react to it.

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CDC guidelines

CDC said:

“This recommendation to waive quarantine for people with vaccine-derived immunity aligns with quarantine recommendations for those with natural immunity, which eases implementation.”

CDC also said that even after being vaccinated, people could be the carriers of the virus and convey it to others, so it’s better to exercise all precautions.

They further stated that:

“At this time, vaccinated persons should continue to follow current guidance to protect themselves and others, including wearing a mask, staying at least 6 feet away from others, avoiding crowds, avoiding poorly ventilated spaces, covering coughs and sneezes, washing hands often…”, among other guidelines given by CDC and other organizations.

Pakistan has faced severe impacts of the coronavirus. The global pandemic has caused a lot of burden on the already exhausted health sector, whereas many people lost their jobs due to the increase in unemployment.

The Arrival Of COVID Vaccine In Pakistan:

As per the National Command And Control Center (NCOC) announcement, Pakistan is expected to have its first batch of vaccines by 31st January 2021. The NCOC has also announced that the strategy to get people vaccinated has already been strategized and implemented.

As per the details revealed by sources so far, Pakistan is expected to have Russia’s Sputnik 5, China’s Sinopharm, and UK’s Oxford-AstraZeneca approved by the government officials would be ordered by Pakistan for their Covid-19 vaccinations.

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How Can You Get Yourself Registered for COVID Vaccine?

If you intend to register yourself for the vaccination, you’d need to follow the steps listed below.

Step 1:

Message your CNIC number to 1166 through SMS or go to NIMS website to register yourself

Step 2:

After being verified, the citizen would be designated a location referred to as the “AVC” (Adult Vaccination Center), and a PIN code would be sent to you via text message.

Step 3:

If the location of your designated Adult Vaccination Center is way too far from your tehsil, you can get it changed by getting in touch with the helpline 1166 within five days of receiving your text message.

Step 4:

After the vaccine arrives at the AVC, the citizen would be required to go to the designated AVC to get vaccinated as per the instructed date along with his/her original CNIC.

Step 5:

On the appointment date, the person would be required to visit the AVC with their CNIC and PIB code, which is a mandatory requirement.

Step 6:

After getting verified via the PIN and the CNIC, the person would get vaccinated for the COVID-19 and remain there for the next 30 minutes to be monitored.

The website would also show real-time dashboards for federal, provincial, and district health departments, which would be updated automatically.

It is a relief that things are finally looking good, and it is hoped that the situation would get back to normal. With everyone wearing masks and quarantining and socially distancing for almost a year now, we’re excited about how things would turn out if we come out of the pandemic soon and get back to our everyday lives.

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