Here Are The Precautions You Must Take During A Flood

Flood safety precautions
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Karachi has been afflicted by possibly the worst case of urban flooding. The once vibrant and electric metropolitan hub is now submerged in murky waters with destruction all around. 

The city should be declared to be in a state of emergency but it’s not. However, for your own safety follow these precautions according to your state.

What To Do Before A Flood

These precautions are for when the government or weather authorities have issued a flood warning. For instance, if Karachi residents had been warned of an incoming flood, here’s what the best course of action would be:

1. Prepare an emergency kit that is portable and light-weight to carry. Have medical supplies in it that can be needed.

2. Elevate your electronics, furniture and other prized possessions in the house that can be damaged. Setting up make-shift foundations around the house atop which things can be put will be useful.

Flood safety precautions
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3. If possible, shift to the higher floor of your house or go to a place where you’ll be higher up.

4. Know where you can evacuate from if the flood is too strong and make sure that exit is operational at all times.

What To Do During A Flood

In this stage, the danger is upon you which is why it is imperative to act quickly and efficiently. Here are measures to follow if you are in the middle of a food:

Flood safety precautions
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1. Avoid entering flooded water. Six inches of water can actually trip you and the current can be strong enough to take you along. The water can also be contaminated with gasoline or sewerage, exposing you to a host of health risks.

2. Be far, far away from any place where there can be an electrical current.

3. Avoid rushing water and move towards still spots if you already are in the water.

4. Have a long object in hand with which you can check the ground ahead to make sure it is sturdy before you take a step.

5. If you are in your car, drive away from flooded areas. Two feet of water can start to direct your car itself which can be extremely dangerous. Abandon your car if possible since if the water starts seeping in the car doors can get stuck too.

What To Do After A Flood

Picking up the pieces after can be extremely distressing. The damage can also be unexpected, here’s how you can manage:

  1. Avoid using tap water, it can be contaminated. 

2. Wait for official confirmation before going back.

3. Avoid areas that still have flooded water because they could be contaminated or have an electrical charge.

4. Do not turn lights on immediately. Walk around and see if you smell gas, often the source of gas can be disturbed.

5. If your home has a wooden structure, air it out and get it dried as soon as possible. Wooden structures do not withstand water for long.

5. Wear protective clothing when cleaning the water.

Flood safety precautions
Image Source: Old farmer’s almanac

Besides that, at all stages be it before, during or after, don’t forget to be compassionate. Don’t forget the stray animals and pets, they only have you around them for help. They too can be electrocuted, drown or fall in holes.

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