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Every app tries to release as many updates as possible, not just to attract new users but to retain its old users as well. So the Whatsapp alternative app is also doing the same. And if you have converted to Telegram amid the Whatsapp Privacy Policy controversy, these are a few Telegram features you must be aware of.

1. Secret Chats

Unlike Whatsapp showing end-to-end encryption notification on every thread, Telegram does not have that. So if the app wants, it can access your conversation at any time. But there is an option for you to hide that data if the conversation is confidential. It’s called the secret chat feature, and you have to enable that for specific threads.

2. Chat Folder

There is an option for you to categorize your chats. You might ask why you would need it. Here is the answer. Mostly, your work conversations happen on Telegram instead of email, which is reserved for only the most formal notifications. And because there are numerous workgroups that buzz throughout the day, messages from friends and family get lost somewhere below, and you miss out on important updates. By making chat folders, you are able to access the specific folder at the time you want and make sure that you don’t miss out on any important family get-together.

telegram features
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3. Share Live Location & Proximity Alert

There are location and proximity alerts that you can initiate on Telegram. What it enables is that you can share your live location with a friend (a user of Telegram). Moreover, you can also put a proximity alert after sharing the live location. How to understand it is simple. Let’s say you have to meet someone for the first time, someone with whom you have only been in communication through texts. While you may have seen the person in pictures, people look different in real life. So you can put a proximity alert if you are in a crowded space, and then, as soon as the other person is within 10 meters of you, the app will ping you.

4. Schedule or Send Silent Messages

You can schedule messages on Telegram. This means that if at 3 am you realize you need to inform a colleague of something, and sending the message at that time is unprofessional, in that case, you can schedule the message for the colleague at 9 am on the dot.

Moreover, you can also send a message without any sound. One can use that feature if you don’t want the receiver’s phone to make a noise and disturb him or her.

Image Source: dignited

5. Custom Theme

Like the app you are so used to, Telegram also provides the feature to customize your chat background. You can make your pick from numerous themes, color combinations, and font styles to make the chat background that suits you.

If you use these Telegram features, you will definitely enjoy using the app more.

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