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Quarantine has lasted longer than expected. Some countries have eased lockdown, while others are still imposing strict lockdowns to combat COVID-19. A more extended period of lockdown can lead to serious mental health problems.

People have been caged in their homes to maintain social distance for months now. Here are five reasons why quarantine is affecting your mental health and what you should do to feel better.

  1. You Have No Sense of Routine: Having no routine is terrible for your mental health. While few of us are still following some alternate versions of our daily routine, many have lost complete sense of it. Try to adopt a new schedule.
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  2. Set the alarm to wake up early, cook food, and clean the house. Incorporate different workout routines in your week. Limit the use of social media and try to sleep on time.
  3. Lack of Physical Activity: Physical health goes hand in hand with mental health. Since social distancing has limited our movement, it is best to start working out. Pick a workout routine, follow secure methods from YouTube.
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  4. Some days you can choose to do Yoga, while others you can choose to run on the treadmill or pick a challenging HITT workout for yourself. Keep it moving! You must also limit the consumption of information and get out of bed as too much can harm your mental health.
  5. Define Your Working Hours: You must define your working hours and days. If you always have tasks lined up and no set hours to work, you will get extremely anxious and eventually exhaust yourself.
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  6. Five days a week, a total of 9-10 average working hours is a great start. With a complete lockdown, it is possible; you have an increased amount of responsibility on your shoulders. Find your comfort zone.
  7. Fear and Anxiety of Contracting Coronavirus: We are going through a pandemic after all. Having fear or anxiety about contracting the virus is pretty standard. The best way to tackle the given condition is if you only strictly maintain social distancing. In this way, you’re helping the healthcare system too!
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  8. You must not leave your house unnecessarily. Follow all the given SOP’s by the book and protect yourself from contracting the virus even if you choose to leave the house. In case you do, be responsible and isolate yourself.
  9. Making End Meet: During this uncertain time, many of us have lost our jobs or are facing deductions from our salaries. Making ends meet can be quiet stressful. It can take a toll on your mental health significantly.
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  10. It is best to spend only when necessary. Save as much as you can. Many governments across the world have delayed payments of essential utility bills and school fees. We are going through uncertain times, and we must combat this virus together.
  11. Of all things, distract yourself. Emphasize with others and disconnect whenever you need to. Have something to add? Let us know in the comment section below.
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