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The Expo 2020 is one of the biggest shows of the year with over 192 countries showcasing their art, cuisine, culture, and more. Even though so many countries are present at the show, Pakistan is the first country to host a celebrity meet and greet there and this is all thanks to the internationally recognized brand Hemani Herbals.

Hemani Herbals has brought great pride to Pakistan by launching their organic Pakistan-made products internationally. The brand is now one of the first brands ever to host a celebrity meet and greet at the most prestigious location of Dubai Expo 2020 Pakistan Pavilion. Hemani Herbals brought great honor to Pakistan by promoting a positive image of the nation and representing the nation at the Expo 2020.

The event was a huge success and the night glittered with glitz and glamour that the celebrities brought with them. Many renowned celebrities who are also entrepreneurs attended the event and launched their products internationally at the event. These celebrities have created their own brands by collaborating with Hemani group and they were proud to represent Hemani Herbals at Expo 2020. Aijaz Aslam launched products from Aijaz Aslam store, Ayesha Omar was proud to introduce Ayesha O beauty, and Nadia Hussain also introduced her brands VitenGlow and Acnozap at the event. Another new sports fragrance brand by Fakhr Alam, Squad, in collaboration with Hemani group was also launched at the event.

Many important business signatories also attended the event along with the Ambassador of Pakistan to UAE who was the chief guest. These stars and speakers represented Pakistan at the Expo and spoke about how modernization has led to a growth in the production of natural products in Pakistan.

The celebrities lit up the most-visited pavilion and entertained the guests. . The event was executed perfectly and Hemani Herbals did the nation proud by not only hosting the first celebrity meet and greet at the Expo 2020 but also by launching Aijaz Aslam store products, Ayesha O beauty, VitenGlow and Acnozap and Squad  internationally.