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Heinz, recognized globally for its iconic ketchup, has introduced a groundbreaking initiative under its new platform, “It has to be Heinz.” This initiative celebrates the profound consumer connection with the brand, offering an unprecedented opportunity for die-hard enthusiasts to showcase their enduring love through tattoo-ready labels.

Exclusive Limited-Edition Offer

Limited to a mere 100 bottles, these exclusive editions will be distributed randomly to registered participants via the brand’s dedicated website. Each bottle boasts a unique peelable label printed in reverse, meticulously crafted to serve as a flawless tattoo stencil of Heinz’s iconic keystone imagery.

In a compelling promotional video, the brand showcases several attempts at tattoos mimicking the bottle’s design, emphasizing the precision required to embody the essence of Heinz. Stressing the brand’s pursuit of excellence, the spot underscores, “When it has to be Heinz, it has to be just right,” highlighting how the label doubles as a precise tattoo stencil for ardent fans.

Expressing Love for the Brand

Jacqueline Chao, Heinz’s senior brand manager, lauds the unwavering dedication of fans and introduces the Heinz Tattoo Bottle as the ultimate tribute to these  enthusiasts. The official Heinz tattoo stencil serves as a homage to their unyielding loyalty and adoration for the brand.

Heinz's new ketchup label is a tattoo stencil for diehard fans | Ad Age Creativity
Source: AD Age

The campaign’s amplification includes paid social media endeavors across platforms like Instagram and YouTube. Complemented by strategic out-of-home placements in bustling metropolises such as New York City and Chicago, the campaign aims to resonate particularly with a younger demographic through precise data-driven targeting strategies.

Enduring Brand Allegiance

Heinz’s pioneering move to merge consumer passion with a tangible symbol of lifelong loyalty reinforces brand dedication. The Tattoo Bottle initiative not only solidifies brand allegiance but also stands as a lasting testament to the unwavering fervor and dedication of Heinz’s most passionate supporters.

This innovative initiative by Heinz transcends mere brand loyalty, encapsulating a shared commitment and passion that devotees can now proudly display—an eternal symbol etched into their skin, embodying the timeless connection between Heinz and its fans.

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