The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has set various targets that they hope to achieve by the year 2025. The commission to increase the number of PhD’s from 11960 to 38400. The gross Ph.D. faculty will also be increased to 26 to 40% by 2025.

While addressing a press conference on HEC’s 15th Anniversary celebrations, Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed, Chairman (HEC) mentioned:

“HEC has received Rs 336 billion under the Public Sector Development Program (PSDP) since 2002”

The HEC said that it began its journey with only 59 universities in the country in 2002, 2.6% gross enrollment, 800 publications, and 3110 PhDs. However, the number has now increased to 188 with 9% enrollment, 12000 publications, and 11960 PhDs.

He further added:

“HEC is promoting equal higher education opportunities to maintain gender equality”

HEC has allocated funds of 505 academic blocks in universities out of which 357 blocks have been completed and the rest are in progress. Without compromising on the quality of education, the HEC has aimed to ensure one institute in each district by 2019 is being constructed.

4 New Projects to be Started by HEC

  1. Smart Universities
  2. Education Cloud and Services
  3. Pakistan Education and Research Network (PERN)
  4. Higher Education Information Management System (HEIMS)

HEC’s Major Targets for 2025 are: 

  1. Sustain and Consolidate National Higher Education Sector
  2. Increase Equitable Access
  3. Excellence in Leadership, Governance, and Management
  4. Research, Innovation & Commercialization
  5. Increased Faculty with Highest Academic Qualification
  6. Enhanced Quality of Curricular Content for All Level of Qualification Offered
  7. ICT For Education
  8. Financial Management and Enhanced Investment

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