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[Update]: Higher Education Commission (HEC) has announced in their latest update the opportunity to study at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL). They have signed an MoU with the university that allows 75 Pakistani individuals to do their Ph.D. for the next 5 years. The MoU signing happened at a ceremony organized by the British Council Pakistan. It was an online ceremony attended by Executive Director (HEC), Dr. Shaista Sohail, and Vice-Principal International Education (QMUL) Professor Colin Grant.

Dr. Shaista acknowledged the support of QMUL and further said that the cooperation would lead to a better ecosystem for human development. She said: “There is no medium better than education to improve perceptions about each other.”

It is indeed amazing that the university has allowed such major fee waivers for HEC nominated students.

Collaboration with QMUL started in September 2016. It started as an opportunity for only PhD candidates but has developed into doctoral programmes too.

These initiatives ensure that educated Pakistanis become part of the country’s workforce and put Pakistan on a better track.

[Feb 19th, 2021]: It has been brought to the authorities’ notice that some institutes are initiating degree programs and enrolling students in them. But they haven’t obtained accreditation for it from HEC. Of course, the students who graduate with those degree programs will have to face problems later on. So HEC has announced that students should pay extra attention to the degree programs they are enrolling in. In fact, they should make sure that the program whether it is in engineering, medicine, pharmacy, or nursing field, or basically any discipline, should be accredited.

[Feb 9, 2021]: Making education accessible to all should be the motto of any nation that aims to succeed. And while most of us do get enrolled in primary levels, due to several reasons, a large number of people are unable to pursue higher education. Among such people, persons with disabilities, due to lack of facilities, are not able to continue studying no matter how much they want. But HEC has taken it unto itself to resolve the issues to a great extent.

HEC announces policy for people with disabilities 

HEC has announced that it will make tuition free for persons with disabilities who are pursuing postgraduate studies.

At this moment, there are almost 330,000 registered persons with disabilities at NADRA. And some government sectors are currently employed at registering undocumented persons with disabilities. Moreover, the President has announced that the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development includes giving persons with disabilities complete access to healthcare and their rehabilitation to ensure social inclusion.

Making postgraduate studies free for people with disabilities is a significant step to ensure that the country’s future will be more educated.

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