HEC comes up with research fund challenge
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If we want the country to develop, we have to make sure that education is not being neglected. There is quite a lot that a person can miss out on if they don’t have an education. When it comes to the government, expensive education is not even an issue. Some schools are willing to teach for free, considering there is a spirit in the student, to learn. In light of that, the HEC has come up with a new challenge.

Grand challenge fund 2021

This challenge is based around the faculty members of private and public institutions and holds quite a lot of potential. Despite there being a lot of education lacking in the country, this is a great opportunity. The higher education commission (HEC) has recently come up with a grand challenge fund for 2021. Under this challenge, the faculty members are to submit research proposals. So what is that all about?

HEC fund for faculty research
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HEC Challenge Fund:

The GCF supports a lot of large and multidimensional research projects. Those projects that are multidimensional are usually quite huge in scope. This is so other research teams can collaborate with them. This can be a good way to get a grand for the university or institution. The GCF also supports research development in quite a lot of strategic sectors. This includes human capital, agriculture, urban planning, climate change and environment and many more.

Allowing faculty members to submit proposals will also give them the chance to polish their research skills. The sectors also include technology and telecom and we know how fast those fields are moving. It would not be too far from the truth if one were to research 6G technologies. The world is changing rapidly and we need minds that are willing to put in the hard work. It takes quite a lot of effort to do research and then come up with a proposal of your own.

HEC and fund for reasearch
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Setting funds aside:

The HEC has decided to set funds aside for this very reason. If anyone’s research proposal were to make it across to the second phase, a lot is waiting for them. There is going to be a competitive, peer-reviewed evaluation of the proposals so we know they will be in competent hands.

There will be no suspicious activities taking place and we hope the results will be clean. HEC has made a statement to provide funds ranging between Rs.15 million and Rs.225 million. These shall be provided to the selected institutes that make it across the proposal evaluation.

We hope that this encourages a lot of universities to participate in it. After all, it is not all year round that people get opportunities like these. This can be a good way to further the development of education in Pakistan by allowing newer research sectors. The more we move forward, the better it can be for the coming generation. They may not have to go through the hardship of working on something from absolute scratch.

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