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Education is a utility that should be free, and yet it is expensive, especially if one wants to get the best. But the Higher Education Commission (HEC) helps the aspirants out if they are really motivated in their goal of getting an education and giving it back somehow to the country. So for postgraduate aspirants aiming to seek their degrees from universities, they have good news from HEC. HEC has announced scholarships for PhD candidates in US universities.

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HEC scholarship for PhD

The scholarship is for the programs of fall 2021 and spring 2022. This comes under the branch of “US-Pakistan Knowledge Corridor”. HEC has mentioned so on Twitter. This piece of information will be helpful when the candidates log on to their HEC portal.

The statement was released through Twitter, informing all concerned Pakistanis. The idea to enable those who cannot afford to get quality education in US institutes and make them enroll in them is certainly one that needs appreciation.

The tweet announced the scholarship and attached a poster with more information.

Criteria for scholarship

The poster adds the eligibility criteria for the scholarship. According to that, the candidate needs to be either a Pakistani or an AJK national. They should also have a minimum of 4-year Bachelor’s degree, i.e., BS, BSC, or BE, which will make up to 16 years of formal education. Moreover, throughout the academic career, the candidate should not have had any 3rd division, and if they have 2nd division, only one of that is allowed.

Furthermore, if the candidate is a regular faculty member of a public university or a government college, they can be up to 40 years old, which means they should be born after January 10th, 1981. Researchers in approved R&D organizations are also included in that. However, all other candidates need to be below 35, so they should be born after January 10th, 1986.

They will be eligible if they have 60% GRE scores. If the score is above 60%, they will get preference. Moreover, they should also fall under the eligibility criteria of the host university. The scholarship is available until January 10, 2021, on the HEC portal.

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