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When you catch a major mistake by a brand, the first words out of our mouths are, ‘Oh, someone’s getting fired.’ Knowing that making a mistake is stressful for employees, especially interns, most of Twitter rallied in support of the HBO intern after the recent event.

HBO intern sends an email

What had happened was that the intern at HBO Max rolled out an email accidentally. It was sent to a number of its 44 million subscribers. The recipients were initially confused so they started sharing screenshots of it online. HBO Max immediately took notice. They responded with a tweet clarifying the situation. It was mentioned that the intern had done it and that they were helping them through it.

“it was the intern. No, really. And we’re helping them through it.”

Dear Intern

After this, the internet was overloaded with ‘Dear Intern,” tweets. And all of them were super supportive of that intern. In fact, they even started sharing their own experiences of when they made a super major mistake.

I mean, just imagine making a menstrual calendar and that being shared with all colleagues.

The point of all those tweets was to make sure that the intern does not resort to self blaming and slip into depression.

Some of these tweets were most definitely hilarious and some just incomprehensible. How can a company let go of adding a murdersome tone description to something as light hearted as sponge on?

As someone who has already made their first major mistake, I can definitely attest to this. It does seem like the world would end, or that you would get fired but that does not happen. The first major mistake serves as your initiation into the ranks. It is the mistake that makes you bolder. You become more comfortable at taking risks. At the same time, however, it tells you the limits of what you shall not cross. And as an employee, you make sure you stay well within the limits.

If you were in place of HBO Max, how would you have reacted? Also, what do you think the HBO intern must be going through? Would it be all glitter and roses even within the office or would he be getting bullied by the senior employees? Let us know in the comments and we’ll sure to add them in the article. Until then, do share your own version of the ‘dear intern’ tweet.

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