Hazim Bangwar is the current Assistant Commissioner of North Nazimabad. He previously was the talk of the town when he got elected as Assistant Commissioner. People were curious about how Hazim Bangwar got to the position he was given his background. By profession, he is a popular singer and songwriter having written songs for Hollywood musicians including Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande.

After his elections, many people were waiting to see if Hazim Bangwar would fall true to his words. Recently, Hazim Bangwar appeared in an interview where he revealed his plans for North Nazimabad and its road structure. Here have a look at the video.

Over the years, North Nazimabad has become a densely populated residential area with a poor road structure that has been a cause of concern for residents. The roads are very narrow and congested and jam-packed during traffic hours. Moreover, the quality of the road infrastructure is extremely poor, with numerous potholes and uneven surfaces making it difficult to navigate the area.

These road conditions not only lead to long and exhausting travel but also pose a serious threat to the safety of drivers and pedestrians both. Despite the growing population and increased traffic in the area, there has been little effort made to improve the road infrastructure in North Nazimabad, leaving people frustrated.

Hazim Bangwar stated in his interview that to fix the roads in North Nazimabad, renovation of the water and sewage pipelines is necessary first. He told the child who interviewed him that in North Nazimabad, the underground water and sewage lines are the main problem. Without fixing that first, he cannot move on to fixing the roads, because then it is only a matter of time before they start seeing problems again.

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