We’ve all had that one friend that takes our phones to either call someone or take a picture and then somehow “accidentally” ends up in our WhatsApp. And when asked, they act all clueless. However, in the little time, that one annoying friend sees something or some chat that we might not want anyone to see, especially not them. But what happens? They see it and they start annoying us about it or much worse they take screenshots and send them to themselves. Then they probably torture us for the rest of our lives.

The simple solution to this problem could be to push that friend in front of a coming train, but for obvious reasons that might be the easiest and most satisfying thing to do but not the nicest. So, instead of doing that, you can hide your WhatsApp chats from everyone.

Image Source: Digital World

WhatsApp users can now lock and hide their WhatsApp chats and once that chat has been locked or hidden it can then only be seen in the locked category in the WhatsApp settings. To access the chat you might need your fingerprint or face unlock if you are an iPhone user or if you are an Android user you might need your passcode. However, if one of your friends does get to your hidden chats, and since they will be unable to access it, the only option they will have is to clear the chat to open it.

Similarly, this also means that if you end up forgetting your passcode or somehow lose your fingers, you will also have to clear the chat to access it. One more thing is that all media and photos shared between you and your locked chats will not be saved on your phone automatically. You will have to save them separately.

Image Source: The News International

According to Meta, this feature is still in the works and may take some time to launch. So, this upcoming feature will now prevent that one nosy friend from reading and peeking at your messages, and through this feature, media files such as photos and videos sent in a locked chat won’t be saved in the phone’s gallery automatically. So even if someone does get into your phone’s gallery, you’ll still be safe.

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