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It all began last night when a girl by the name of Yemeem exposed Hassan for cheating. She tweeted her entire side of the story and attached audio notes that her cheater boyfriend and his best friend sent her. Initially, when she took the story to Twitter, Hassan reportedly started blackmailing her. But now a vast Twitter family is standing by Yemeen and roasting the guy.

The Yemeen Hassan Story

It is a long read but let us summarize the story for you. So somewhere at the beginning of the lockdown, Yemeen met Hassan and started dating him. They met twice in this time, but both times they were with someone. And after that, the country went into lockdown mode. They were not able to meet up even after Hassan’s repeated invitations. The invitations, however, indicated that he wanted to meet with her alone. Yemeen mentions in the tweet that it was very indicative that he tried to get physical in the relationship.

It’s all here in the tweet. Have a read:

While they were dating and Hassan kept asking her to meet privately, he went on a trip with a female friend and did not tell Yemeen. When she found out, she started contacting him, but he ghosted her. So she went on to get his best friend, Umar. Instead of addressing the issues, he labeled Yemeen for having insecurities and started giving her advice on how to be more understanding if she wants to save her relationship.

After that, the guy in question contacted Yemeen himself and apologized somewhat cryptically. He attempted to seem like the better man here by keeping his voice stable and low. The words were slightly like this:

“My definition of cheating and your definition of cheating are different.”

Uhh, no, sir. Cheating is cheating regardless.

Twitter Roasts Hassan

Now, you can imagine that Twitter wouldn’t just leave Hassan after what he pulled. So someone rightly guessed what the Twitter family would do with him.

And the rest of us were, well, preparing popcorns and getting ready for the memes that were going to come our way.

So let’s look at some of the best roasts.

1. Political help, wow!

But after trending on Twitter, Hassan can be expected to ask for help.

2. Bollywood has a scene for everything

Someone edited the ‘Jab We Met’ scene where Aditya encourages Geet to curse her ex. Now Geet is Yemeen and Aditya is all of the Twitter family. I believe they would happily teach her some cuss words too.

3. The Unboxing Kids

Remember the unboxing kids who found wastepaper instead of a drone after ordering online? Well, their description for online shopping, according to @gayomarlic, suits Hassan’s character too.

4. Did you listen to Umar?

In one of the above tweets, you can hear Umar defending Hassan. Foul language aside, this scene from Bollywood does define Umar’s faulty logic.

Well, Hassan did get famous. But let’s hope he does not react dangerously to Yemeen because fragile masculinity, when hurt, screams the loudest.

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