Hasan Raza, a former Pakistani cricketer, has voiced his skepticism about the Decision Review System (DRS) following India’s dominant win over South Africa. Raza highlighted instances where LBW decisions raised eyebrows, calling them potential manipulations of the technology.

This is the second time, Hasan Raza has raised concerns over the way India is playing during the World Cup 2023. He previously made a claim about ICC or BCCI providing Indian bowlers different balls, which are swinging more than usual.

In one case, batter Heinrich Klaasen’s LBW out decision was upheld after he opted for a review, despite initial impressions that the ball impacted outside the line. Another incident involved Rassie van der Dussen, where the ball, despite heading towards the leg stumps, was deemed to be hitting them.

Speaking on a local sports show, Raza emphasized that such incidents warrant scrutiny. He expressed his concern over what he perceives as the manipulation of DRS technology. Raza went on to claim that similar instances had occurred in the past, citing matches involving Pakistan and India.

“Jadeja picked up five wickets and finished with career-best figures. We were talking about technology where DRS was being taken. Van de Dussen was the batter and the ball was hitting the middle stump after pitching on leg stump. How is that possible?” Raza said while talking on a local sports show.

“The impact was in line, but the ball was headed towards the leg stump. Like everyone else, I am just sharing my opinion. I am saying that such things should be checked. DRS is being manipulated and that is clearly visible,” he added.

Raza didn’t stop there, he also stated that the Blues manipulated the technology against Pakistan in Ahmedabad.

Source: Cricinfo

“It was not the first time. The review in the match between Pakistan and South Africa and the last wicket partnership. They did not even apologise. Home conditions and home advantages come into play,” he added.

This controversy reignites debates about the accuracy and reliability of the DRS system in international cricket, raising questions about its potential impact on crucial decisions within the game.

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