Has a car been in an accident
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Buying a car can be quite a task nowadays, especially with how unpredictable the market is. No matter where you live, you might have to browse quite a lot to find the perfect car. Many people have learned from experience on how to check each and every automobile they intend to buy. When it comes to purchasing an automobile, make sure to take a mechanic along with you for detailed inspection. However, if you are unable to do so, there are ways you can check if the car has been in an accident.

When it comes to an accident, it can be easy to conceal a car’s damage. Yes, people either paint over or replace the parts that have been in an accident, to try and retain the value of the car. However, even if the part has been replaced, there are ways to check for that.

1. Tapping for Accident Damage

Many times, when the damaged component has been painted over, one can see the difference in the shades. However, sometimes the part has been painted over quite well and it looks as if it blends to the naked eye. However, if you tap on the painted part with your knuckles, then tap it on some other part, the sound should be identical. If it is not, one of the two parts has been painted.

car damage and accident
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2. A Painted Trunk

It is not usual practice for people to have the inside of a trunk painted. If that has been done, it means there was damage present inside the trunk. This, in turn, means that the trunk was possibly hit from the outside so hard, it left damages on the inside. Be wary of cars that have painted trunks, because they have been in an accident, most likely.

a damage on a car
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3. Alignment and an Accident

Many times, a car’s alignment can get messed up due to an accident. If the car is not too old and the alignment is towards one side, then it might have been involved in an accident. Old cars develop alignment issues over time but newer ones should not have them. If they do, either the car has been in an accident or it has been driven quite rough. Both are red flags for a buyer.

alignment of a car and damages
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4. Shiny Parts

If you are purchasing an older car and you see one part feels newer than the other, it can also mean the car has been in an accident. If the rear bumper feels like it is almost scratch-less, or one side skirt looks squeaky clean, maybe it has been replaced due to a hit on the car.

These methods are sure to help you navigate when buying a used car.

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